The topic 1 was tricky for me because I was on vacation the second week and I knew that there would be limited time for any studying. Therefore I suggested to my PBL group that I could do the summary and publish our summary to the rest of the ONL community. Time wise it was a good solution but I feel like I could had given more to the group and I should had made time to investigate more. I mostly work administrative and haven’t read any academic articles since I graduated from the University. Therefore I noticed I need to make more time in my schedule to have time to investigate and read.
I’m happy that I have used PBL before so at least I understood the FISh-method fast.

Lastly I want to share my groups summary that I did. By doing the mind map I learn about the three questions that my group wanted to get an answer to. And I now have a better understanding about digital literacy and what does it mean and how can I use it and what I can expect from my students.

What did I learn from topic 1 ?