I never thought that cooperation across continents would work so well. All I’m saying is: Internationalization at home. It was great to work with people from South Africa, Brazil, etc. without ever seeing each other personally. The cooperation stretches over thousands of kilometres. And you also build an emotional relationship. You will see.
The goodbye always was a little sad for us.

And I have now also got to know a new video tool.

Learning to Learn with Technology

        The Topic 1 subject was about online participation and digital literacies. We had an amazing webinar with David White, and in our PBL group we discussed about advantages to use digital tools and how to became a digital resident.

         David White in his videos (Video 1 and Video 2) introduced the concept about being a resident or a visitor in the digital world. Be a resident or a visitor is more related to motivation than to age, as thought initially.

      My Digital Map showed that I am mostly a digital resident, in both, in my personal life and institutionally.


          Well, I must confess that at the beginning of the Topic I was lost (sometimes, still are! Kkkkk). I was not sure what we had to do with our scenario, but then it worked…

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Where am I in this digital world?