Although at first creating a blog seemed daunting when considering the perceived technical skills involved, using blogs. The learning curve is not as steep as I imagined, and there are many resources for instructors.

Despite 2020 looking nothing like I expected, I survived. I still can’t believe that I even started my own blog in 2021. With all the uncertainty going around in the world, I see a little bit of magic. The ONL course gave me a chance to get out of my comfort zone. An ode to a change of scenery and meeting people from all over the globe. This had a ripple effect of good that we can create today with powerful stories that will propel someone into believing they can do it, even through this pandemic. Without a doubt we living in an extra ordinary time in which we have to do ordinary things.

Juggling my work schedule and the ONL meetings was a balancing act of note – the time difference threw a spanner in the works. However, this experience so far has been such an eye opener. I have learnt about tools such as padlet, canva world and miro board that I plan to incorporate in my own teachings.

I have noticed that at times in the group settings, members tend to conform to a perceived majority view. Individual brainstorming can over-come this (like the break-out sessions we have) and thereafter group activity. This forestalls individuality and helps the group generate and consider more different ideas.

I am encouraged by the seeing the diversity of our group and yet we all still able to collaborate and work together.

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way….