Challenges with open Learning? Where to connect this Cable? During Topic 2 we have discussed the concept of open learning, opportunities and barriers with open Learning.

 It is amazing how many different meanings of open learning there is, and it seems to change over time. A couple of weeks back I believed open learning was about MOOC’s, and MOOC’s only. But it is so much more in it. I have changed my understanding of what is open learning, from thinking of MOOC’s I now consider many different things where you can carry out a course using many different Tools. Today we used Mentimeter for creating word clouds which will be used for sharing the result of our topic 2-work.

I believe there can be different grades of open learning where the most important factors are Anywhere, Anytime, Free of charge and available on the www. The picture can represent one challenge, maybe to know how to use the different technical tools and to get connected.

In a couple of weeks I will have my first lecture after about 15 years, something I look forward to! However, I will also be going outside my comfort zone! But it is good to do that. I think that everyone frequently should do something that push the boarder of their comfort zone.

My first lecture will be in a leadership course with our master mariner students and the subject will be equal treatment and what the officer onboard can  do for equal treatment and to reduce the risk of harassment. My plan is to have a Zoom-lecture which I will combine with breakout sessions using padlet. I will tell you about it later.

Now we will have a Easter vacation at the ONL-course, or actually, it is a reflection week. So during Easter I will do some reflecting on the ONL-course.

So for the time being, Happy Easter to all of you!

Word cloud and Challenges