Dear ONLers,

We hope you have had a nice weekend! If you are in Europe, you are most likely aware that we have changed to winter time (from CEST to CET) on Sunday 27th. It is important that you all notice this since it will affect the time difference when planning our meetings. Heres the link to the time zone converter.

For this week, there are no planned activities in the course or for the groups. At this point things may have piled up on your to-do list and we want you to have the opportunity to generally catch up – and to reflect on your learning journey so far.

Now and then in this course, groups shrink due to participants leaving for different reasons (most often lack of time). In the case of ONL192, we had two groups shrinking to the point when the groups were too small for meaningful interaction and the workload became too heavy on the few left. We therefore, after consulting with both groups, decided to merge them into one. This means that the new group has to re-negotiate about ‘house rules’ and meeting times (as we now all know a time-consuming process), but also that a number of very active participants get together to form a new, larger group with lots more activity and resources – and with a set of four facilitators/co-facilitators. This is another example of the authenticity of ONL – that you have to be flexible sometimes and be prepared to rethink how to handle a situation that can happen in an online course with learning in groups.

During this reflective week we ask you to complete a survey related to the concept of Community of Inquiry, see further information on this week’s page.

We are sorry for any inconveniences due to that the ONL site was down at the end of last week, we hope that it will work from now on!

Kind regards the ONL team

Reflection week

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