What is blended learning (BL)? Our group spent a lot of time debating on the definition of BL. According to Marti Cleveland, the equation is BL = online learning +in-person.

Online platform allows us to overcome constraints due to space and time. By pre-recording my lecture, students can watch my lecture asynchronously at their own time. This is a strong advantage for classes with participants from different countries/continents on different time zones. I have been doing in-person lectures as far as I can remember, but I do record my lectures – for students who cannot attend my class for one reason or another to catch up. International students whose mother tongue is not English have also feedback that the recorded lecture helped them to go back and replay the lecture several times so that they are not missing out. Also, the recorded lectures are helpful when students are revising for their final examination.

From the ONLY sharing, I am inspired to pre-record my lectures into short snippets of less than 10 mins each for students to watch when they need to know more about a specific topic. I can then devote the in-person classes to facilitate deeper enquiry, passionate sharing and application of knowledge or case problem solutions. For my tutorials, I adopt the case study methodology. I set a case problem based on a real scenario that requires the students to role play in class.

in-person small group discussion

on-line chat session with my student mentees

#4 Blended Learning