A logo I created for ONL community

In a few weeks time, the next ONL course will start. This blog post is my self-imposed “homework” to understand more about ONL so as to maximise this learning experience.

A logo I created for ONL community

Focus is on pedagogy, not tools

This course is about using different methods of Digital Media in Teaching and Learning. Not a technical course.

Target audience
Anyone who has interest in teaching and learning. In particular, teachers, educational technologists, course developers from universities around the world. Learning across multi-disciplines and cross borders.

Intended Learning outcomes (ILO)

Participant will acquire knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities to:

  1. explain, discuss and reflect on different aspects of online learning such as digital literacy, collaborative learning and openness.
  2. critically reflect on questions concerning open networked learning related to own teaching practice.

Time commitment
Around 80 hours, and runs during a period of approximately 12 weeks.

From in-house to international

ONL started in 2014 as an institutional course that has since evolved and gone international. The course continually evolves based on changing conditions in the area of teaching and learning.

Course is FOC, as with the best things in life.

Learning by doing

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” (Benjamin Franklin).

Teaching approach

Combination of Problem based learning (,PBL), Community of Inquiry and Networked Learning, all done online. Specifically the ,FISh model for PBL.

Diversity and Inclusion

Participants are carefully selected into PBL groups. This allows participants to learn from people with different backgrounds and experiences.

Group roles

Each group has 10 pacs consisting of:

  • Facilitator x1
  • Co-facilitator x1 (someone who really enjoyed ONL and came back for more)
  • Participants x8

Interaction via 3 main channels

Participation is optional. But you will gain much more by getting involved.

Pre-course Checklist

  1. Read all course information under “,About ONL
  2. Create a Google & Twitter account
  3. Introduce yourself in the ONL2222 community
  4. Reply to other participants’ introduction posts in the ONL2222 community
  5. Familiarize yourself with Google Drive, Creative Commons and ZOOM
  6. Set up your learning blog and ,connect it

Note: twitter handle: ,@openNetLearn | hashtag: #ONL222

To find out more, you can always check out the ,official ONL website. If you are interested in joining the next cohort, please ,sign up soon. I look forward to seeing you there!

Benedict Chia

13 Aug 2022

About Open Networked Learning