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Blended Learning

What is blended learning? March 2020 saw the arrival of COVID-19 that affected the entire world at large. During this pandemic learning had to continue and although many of our campuses or educators had never delivered an online lecture before, what had to be done had to be done. Hence we embraced online learning! ItContinue reading “Blended Learning”

Cooperative Learning – Planning and Implementation

Collaborative Learning

What us Collaborative learning and what is Cooperative Learning? Often one can confuse the two, but believe me there are distinctive differences. What is Cooperative Learning?– A group of students work together on a structured activity, where the workload is split equally amongst the group members and each is responsible for their work. The groupContinue reading “Collaborative Learning”

Some Pros and Cons of Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes


Prior to Covid-19, who would have thought that there was a whole different world of teaching available in the technology space. Educators were set in their ways accustomed to face to face contact classes, being able to make eye contact with students, interpret body language and use simple practices without needing much from the student.Continue reading “A WHOLE NEW DIGITAL WORLD -TOPIC 1 DIGITAL LITERACY”