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What is blended learning?

March 2020 saw the arrival of COVID-19 that affected the entire world at large. During this pandemic learning had to continue and although many of our campuses or educators had never delivered an online lecture before, what had to be done had to be done. Hence we embraced online learning! It was a bumpy road getting all on board as not everyone embraces change positively. But lots of work had to be done. We had to find the best possible tools and platforms to do justice to this blended learning!

Blended Learning Courses - BCM Institute

It is a blend of both online learning and face to face lectures with the educator and included working as part of the group as well as individually. Blended learning has several levels of freedom, which include learning at ones own space where you may have scheduled and unscheduled learning. A balance between online and face to face classes. There are several advantages and disadvantages to blended learning. Students tend to learn from each other and develop personally and professionally.

Face to Face lessons encourages active participation, social interaction and non verbal communication. Whilst online classes increases flexibility in terms of time and availability. Content and classes are more accessible and learners are exposed to more as this is a wider platform.

However in South Africa specifically many learners may have challenges with online learning due to data affordability, internet access and access to compatible devices that connect us to these online platforms. Most learners may also experience difficulty with digital literacy, and become frustrated. There is a lack of personal face to face interaction. Students may feel isolated, therefore no effective learning takes place. In terms of face to face classes, there is limited access to different people of different culture race and ethnicities. Therefore learning is limited.

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After much time spent exploring and educating ourselves we realise that there is always something new to learn. This blended learning is an ongoing learning journey and we must keep abreast of the everchanging evolving online space and technology. I for one have embraced it and after completing this course it has encouraged me to explore more, share more and definitely improve. It is the “NEW NORMAL” and there is no going back…………

Blended Learning