A new season of the course Open Networked Learning starts again and I am really looking forward to being a part of this vibrant community of people eager to learn and collaborate online. This pic was taken during our last meeting in zoom.  Advertisements

An unexpected present

Today I got my first open badge and I am happy to share it here! You have received an EDEN “Contributor” Open Badge Dear Colleague, We are pleased to award you with an EDEN Open Badge in order to appreciate your contribution to the conference content and to acknowledge your active participation at the EDEN […]

Sunshine at the end!

There is sun at the end of the winding road. Today I had my last meeting with my PBL5 group. We talked a lot about our experiences during the ONL171 course. It was good. I am aware that we often need to hear about what went well. However, to receive constructive criticism is also important. […]

Expectations cloud PBL5

E Pluribus Unum

This post is not about flowers, I promise! Do you know what happens to orchids when you water them too much or too little? They die! I know it because I no longer have orchids. I do have an online group though. With online groups it may be the same. As a facilitator you really […]

Think outside the box

The kind of teacher I want to be

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” (Attributed to Albert. Einstein) I have been blessed with great teachers throughout my life. Both my parents were teachers. At school I recall having wonderful mentors and when, I started to do research I met these people at the […]


Personal Learning Networks

This text is part of a chain of events. Just follow the link at the end of the blog post and you will find out more about the collaborative efforts of PBL5. PBL5 is a group of 8 professionals from Sweden and Finland. We belong to different universities, we have different professional, cultural backgrounds and […]

A tool for open education

At the LiU Medical Faculty we were discussing and planing some labs for medical students. As usually, the time spent was a concern and also the amount of people involved in every teaching moment. Nobody has time! I think that quality and the end result should also be a matter of concern and that we […]