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I did this Prezi for LiU pedagogical days. I wanted to share my experiences from the Open Networked Learning course, that I took last year. I believed that this course or a similar one could be an alternative for Linköping University where the teachers are more and more interested in developing their digital skills.

Specially at the Medical Faculty with the imminent decentralization and inter-professionalization of the medical program.

I did it also thinking about the PBL5 group that I am co-facilitating right now at the ONL171.

Skärmklipp 2017-03-17 12.19.46

Even though this is the experience from our PBL group 9, I think you can find it useful if you want to know more about:

-Group diversity. Is it a curse?

-Online facilitation

-What makes a group journey successful?

Behind this work are: Francisca Frenks (video), Sonja Sharp (Slides) Miriam, Åsa, Mohammed and Natalia.  We even intend to present our work at the EDEN 2017 conference and guess what? The EDEN is focusing this year on diversity!

Finally, to answer the question in the title: yes, diversity was a blessing for us. Thanks to the scaffolding presence of the facilitators, a positive group atmosphere and our drive to learn from each other.

Featured image was taken from Pixabay under CC0 licence

Diversity: a curse or a blessing for online collaboration?