The EDEN 26th annual meeting

took place in Jönköping last week. It was the first time I participated. Here, I want to share some presentations that I found particularly interesting, including our own presentation last Friday!

1- Anders Söderholm, UKÄ director talked, for instance, about the University as a platform for learning instead of an institution of learners! In his Keynote presentation, he mentioned some common mistakes from the traditional education and talked about what is Google doing for Higher Education:


1-Try to make a 2D copy of a 3D class: how to replace the social interaction?

In the online environment there is a risk for less commitment and weak study culture. We cannot control students studies from outside screen.  Assessment is difficult. Online education can be a shady 2D of a 3D classroom. How to make it as good as it possibly can be?

2-The standard student assumption

Students are assumed to be 19-22 years old, recent graduates from previous levels who study full time on campus. 

3-Learning methods based on students lack of experience

The students nowadays can be little bit older with a lot of more previous experiences so they may have something to add as well.

Google business models: What would Google do?


 Students seek learning courses from diverse providers. Thus designing their own programs and unique profile.

Multi Dimensional model of learning

Students and teachers learn, utilize students experiences, international experts, live case studies, deliver to community creation

University alliances

Universities specialize in teaching and research and create alliances to make a more competitive offer to prospective students

The corporate university

On the job training or educational internships or tuition education in a global company with a strong focus on international excellence could replace university programs.

Internationalization of universities

International University Based on global expertise

Recognition and validation:

Is still an issue. How to do it?









From the European Distance and E-Learning Network – EDEN 26th annual conference (post 1)