Week 2: “Connecting” starts today!

Dear colleagues, Finally we have set off for the exciting learning journey of ONL191 and there is already lots of activity in the ONL191 group and on twitter! There are  almost 100 registered participants who will study in 13 mixed PBL groups! In the course common ONL191 group there are also all facilitators and a few more ONL friends. Last […]

Topic 3 begins today: Learning in communities – networked & collaborative learning

Dear colleagues, Halfway through the course, we hope you have enjoyed it so far and learnt a lot! Topic 3 begins today! Please note that Europe changed time this weekend (because of day-light-saving) and now it is CET (Central European Time) and no longer CEST (Central European Summer Time). A challenge for a course like […]

Great start of ONL171 and now time to investigate the first scenario as Topic 1 begins!

Dear colleagues, great start of ONL171; lots of activity in the common ONL171 community, in the PBL groups and in the blogs! We hope that you are getting familiarized with the learning environment and connecting with peers and facilitators. We know that the start up might feel a bit confusing, but hopefully it is becoming […]

Developing digital literacy – last week of topic 1

Dear colleagues, In this final week of topic 1 “Connecting – online participation and digital literacies” we have already seen some very interesting reflections in the participants’ blogs! The start of the ONL course seem to have been somewhat confusing (which might not be at all bad) and at the same time enjoyable with connecting […]

Only one week left to the official start of ONL162!

Dear colleagues, We are excited to welcome you to next iteration of the ONL course! Next Monday, September 26th the course will officially start, please find an overview here. The spaces where most of the activity will take place are the different Google+ communities; the main ONL162 community for all learners opens today for you […]