Dear colleagues,

Finally we have set off for the exciting learning journey of ONL162 and there is already lots of activity in the G+ communities and on twitter! There are almost 80 registered participants (in 11 PBL groups) and there are even more members in the course common ONL162 G+ community where all facilitators and some other people (e.g. previous participants) have joined…

Topic 1 started today; please take part of the information, e.g. about the introductory webinar on Wednesday 28th September, on the course site!
Information and activities for the second and third week of topic 1 will be published at the end of the week.

Today the PBL groups have opened up; those of you who have registered to be in a PBL group (the open learners who chose this way to participate plus all institutional learners) have received an e-mail today with information about which group you are assigned to; please join as soon as possible!

Kind regards,

The course team

ONL162 – topic 1 started today!

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