Dear friends,

We are now starting the second week of the course and we have exceeded 100 members the ONL community, we have never been so many before. It has been fantastic to see all activity during the first week with introductions and commenting and further that blogging seems to be off to an unusually good start. Hopefully you have started to find your way around the learning environment and made connections with peers and facilitators. We know that first weeks can feel a bit “chaotic”!

We now  have 11 PBL groups with 7-8 members in each that have started to form. Most groups have had their first meeting, although some have encountered problems with Adobe meetings. We hope to provide an alternative option for groups to choose during the week.

This week the PBL groups will start working with a scenario, please find information about the second part of topic 1 (second and third weeks, officially starting today) on the ONL site under Course activities.

We are very happy to within this topic offer a webinar with Sara Mörtsell (the program leader of the Wikipedia Education program in Sweden and Education Manager at Wikimedia Sweden); we will hear about and discuss e.g. what does it mean to be digitally literate and what skills do we need to develop for that…Hope many of you can join on Wednesday 5th October 2 pm CEST!

Kind regards,

The course team

Second week of ONL162 – great start with lots of activities and now time to dig into the first scenario!

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