Dear colleagues,
great start of ONL171; lots of activity in the common ONL171 community, in the PBL groups and in the blogs!
We hope that you are getting familiarized with the learning environment and connecting with peers and facilitators. We know that the start up might feel a bit confusing, but hopefully it is becoming more clear as the course proceeds…

It was great to see so many people at the introductory webinar! It was with interest that we looked at your expectations and concerns, and we hope to meet most of the expectations and as for the concerns it is very helpful to be aware of them and also that we could sort out some things at the webinar. If you missed the introductory webinar and would like to see it, please have a look at the recording.

We are now starting the second week of the course which means that the first topic begins!
The PBL groups will start working with a scenario and the first topic related blog posts will be made, please find information about topic 1 here.
We are very happy to within this topic offer a webinar with Sara Mörtsell (the program leader of the Wikipedia Education program in Sweden and Education Manager at Wikimedia Sweden); we will hear about and discuss e.g. what does it mean to be digitally literate and what skills do we need to develop for that…Hope to see many of you on Tuesday February 21st at 15:00-16:00 (CET)!

Best wishes,
The course team

Great start of ONL171 and now time to investigate the first scenario as Topic 1 begins!

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