Topic 4: Pondering upon “Design for online and blended learning”

This was the scenario: “ A year ago we were forced to work online with the implementation of emergency remote teaching and learning because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems that in many instances we may still be approaching our teaching practice in the same way without using any of the existing theoretical models forContinue reading “Topic 4: Pondering upon “Design for online and blended learning””


Topic 3: Learning about “Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

(June 13, a very late blogger catching up finally!) Now this was a greatly inspiring topic, not the least as I had the opportunity to collaborate with Nadia Caldes in the PBL group – acting as “leads” for this particular topic during the run of two weeks. As a lead we were to design bothContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning about “Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning””



Rightio, this is was an inspiring task – David White´s concept of mapping online tools to to different axes. One is describing the Visitor-Resident component, and the other is concerned with the amount of Personal versus Institutional engagement. Quite fun. I added a color scheme, where Blue represents a public presentation of the content, whereasContinue reading “Visitor_Resident_Personal_Institutional”