Openness in Education could be seen as three different strands:

  1. Teacher – Student
  2. Student – Environment
  3. Person – Person

On the first note, I – nowadays – try to achieve a more open form of education. This is achieved through a shared Google drive document. I have one such document with each of my students, which means that we have an open format where they can share their goals and what they are trying to achieve. It also helps them and me to keep track of their repertory and their practising habits.

Secondly, in terms of environment, I try to reach a more open way of talking and spreading the ideas of pedagogy that I have accumulated over the years. This blog is one such attempt, and another is the BMP in which I have interviewed former and current students.

On the third note, regarding openness in education on the person to person communication: The fact that we can communicate easier and faster nowadays means that I try to limit and format the ways of communication – in order to create time for recovery and rest. I fear that the wealth of communication platforms in combination with an idea of “open” access to everyones time and – in the long run – private sphere – does create problems for the human capacity and brain.

Openness in Education – a reflection