My name is Elin Nilsson and this blog has become alive as part of my participation in the web-based course ONL191.I have previously taken courses at Didacticum at Linköping University, which provided a base and interest for web-based learning and teaching. As the rest of the world, Sweden is now in the progress of deveoping web-based education to a greater extent, not least at masters-level. I see this course as a way of preparing myself for this process.

My background in terms of education is within the field of Social Psychology, however I wrote my dissertation in the field of Social work focusing on couple-aspects of growing old with dementia. In the dissertation I used videorecordings of interactions with couples, which was analysed by the method of Conversation Analysis. In the process of writing the dissertation, I started growing a seed of interest for video and also techniques for interaction. Currently I am employed at the department of Social Work at Linköping University, Sweden where I mainly do teaching. I have had the opportunity to provide an online course called “Personal assistance”, which attract students from all over Sweden, with very different background as well as abilitites to study. The experience from teaching at this course has really been an eye-opener for me, we learn differently and we can actually integrate these differences in the design of the course, however we need to be aware of not adding extra work for teachers who are already doing too much work. This is the main reason for taking the course ONL191, finding was of providing opportunities for students to learn and for teachers not to crash while providing them. So let’s hope that lots of new insights are about to grow!

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