The scenario for the week reminds me of a movie called the “Hurt Locker”. Here, the main actor (dunno his name) of the movie bravely enters a super market, only to be faced with the daunting task of staring down the isl of countless boxes of breakfast cereals, doing all of this with the infinitely complex mission to try pick the right one. It seems that the more we try to simplify things, adding convenience and choice to our somewhat dull lives to make things easier and just plain tasty, the more we complicate our overall existence to try to “take it all in”. We seem to become so tied down to the way we do things, that we forget to taste and explore the multitude of other flavors available out there, sticking largely to the familiar brands that we either grew up with, or were enticed to try through advertising and stuff. If we tried a different box each time we shopped, however, how would we in turn be able to advise a fellow lost citizen staring helplessly down the same breakfast isl….. mmmm.. I wonder?

breakfast cereal