This week we (Group 11) have worked on the following

I’m interested in opening up some of my courses and sharing the resources in a responsible way, but I don’t really know where to start. What options are there for offering courses that are open? How do I get support from my colleagues and how do I introduce the idea to my students? What are the opportunities and dangers of “going open”?

Our focus was on the need of Open Learning today and in the future; using and creating Open Educational Resources, and some challenging issues connected to this. In our presentation, we wanted to outline the main ideas and issues have been discussed connected to Scenario. Our vision and/or understanding of the topic (scenario) is quite multifaceted (multidimensional, as statisticians would say): it is, no doubt, that spreading/sharing the knowledge is a part of the progress in the society, openness is a transparency in education and research, possibility to create new things and ways to teach and stimulate e.g. students to create and share.

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Challenges of the 21th century: Open Learning

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