The wicked problem to open education

Openness alone is not a virtue to better, improved education as it apart from benefits, entails risks as well. However, if combined and negotiated with different aspects it could lead to free, easily-to-access and flexible knowledge. In my view to open education and openness in general, I would like take a different approach, not only […]


To really co-create…

Do we dare to co-create our education? With collegues? With students? With other subject areas? With other partners? And why should we? Yes, I love to be open. Maybe you have gotten this by now. But why? I have given you some reasons earlier. But one of my big reason is also co-creation. I really […]

Open Learning – sharing and openness

What can be shared and what should be shared. This is a question that divides people. In my network of friends on Facebook I have friends who share everything in their lives, both good and bad things. Further I have friends who share a lot but only good things and the question is…is life always […]


#ONL212 Open Learning – Sharing and Openness

In the week of 18 to 31 October, we discuss the sharing and openness in open learning for the ONL 212. We started with the definition of the openness. There may be several definitions in the existing publication. It included ““It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing […]

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