Topic 2: The Implications of Openness

These two weeks of ONL journey brought me through an impactful, challenging and encouraging ride on open education practices in the time of generative AI use. It was impactful to dialogue with my PBL group and the larger community of educators connected through Dr Maha Bali’s talk, who shared our honest concerns and struggles with […]

Where the wind blows – Connection week

The first week on ONL241 encompassed us introducing ourselves numerous times and being in sheer awe of what educators, creators, experiment-ors, researchers and one airport engineer passionately showing us a Singaporean airport. Mind blowing stuff I tell you! With a slight existential limp, I trudge heavy footed along. As part of PBL241 group 2, we […]


The wicked problem to open education

Openness alone is not a virtue to better, improved education as it apart from benefits, entails risks as well. However, if combined and negotiated with different aspects it could lead to free, easily-to-access and flexible knowledge. In my view to open education and openness in general, I would like take a different approach, not only […]


To really co-create…

Do we dare to co-create our education? With collegues? With students? With other subject areas? With other partners? And why should we? Yes, I love to be open. Maybe you have gotten this by now. But why? I have given you some reasons earlier. But one of my big reason is also co-creation. I really […]