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Practical Tools for Sharing

Creative Commons Creative Commons licenses simplify and standardize the process of granting permission for others to use creative works. As a creator, this is useful for defining how you would like others to be able to use your work and enabling them to do so relatively easily. As someone looking to reuse the work of […]

Sharing and openness

One of the features that attracts me to open online learning is the democratisation of knowledge. Science and scientific knowledge is one of the main achievements that makes us humans: from the invention of fire to the development of vaccines. Knowledg…

Open Minds

I must admit that the talk by Maha Bali opened up several avenues of thought for me concerning open education. Previously my perception of open education was perhaps somewhat naive and oversimplified – to me, it was mainly a matter of cost. Textbooks, case studies, reference books and other teaching materials can be a heavyContinue reading “Open Minds”


Here you may find reflective posts about the topics – most recent on top TOPIC 2 HOW OPEN IS OPEN LEARNING? Not strangely the theme that has captured my imagination is again “openness” in open learning. I have no doubt of the benefits of openness in learning. Everyone has access (or some access) to any […]


Opennes – What’s in it for me? (ONL202 Topic 2)

The second topic in the ONL202 course was about the sharing and openness in ‘Open Learning’. The discussions were about how to share an online course or course material, why it is of interest, what value could it add, and the possible consequences of sharing online course material. The discussions around this topic became veryContinue reading “Opennes – What’s in it for me? (ONL202 Topic 2)”