Opennes – What’s in it for me? (ONL202 Topic 2)

The second topic in the ONL202 course was about the sharing and openness in ‘Open Learning’. The discussions were about how to share an online course or course material, why it is of interest, what value could it add, and the possible consequences of sharing online course material. The discussions around this topic became veryContinue reading “Opennes – What’s in it for me? (ONL202 Topic 2)”


Go open?

This week´s topic is Open learning- sharing and openness. First of all I think we need to work out what does open mean in terms of learning? Open learning has been defined as learning situations which are flexible ”in time, place, instructional methods, modes of access, and other factors related to the learning process” [1].Fortsätt läsa “Go open?”

Topic 2: Openness in education

When we refer to open education, we usually think about an education that is offered without requirements for academic admission and nowadays is primarily supported by digital technologies. An essential quality of open education is the removal of barri…

Topic 2: Leap of trust into the Openness

Openness in education means open resources, open tools and open participation courses. It’s about sharing materials, collaboration and allowing learning. Openness requires trust. For example, I can share my materials with a Creative Commons license that requires giving appropriate credit to the licensor, but I have to trust that others know and respect the license.Continue reading “Topic 2: Leap of trust into the Openness”