ONL191 – Group 9 Collaborative presentation

A group presentation was designed using a padlet. The use of this tool was selected for its effective presentation in a collaborate space. The padlet made use of the Fish model, with the focus being, privacy on the internet, “how to limit and protect ourselves on the internet and if this is possible”, and further to this our focus also delved into improving one’s digital literacies by utilizing a self-assessment test by DigCompEdu. Investigations where conducted with group discussions, readings and video’s, which results and reflections followed.

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Collaborate presentation

One thought on “Collaborate presentation

  1. Hi Grupp 9,
    Interesting that most of you took the test and had an opprtunity to reflect on your digital identities. I do agree with the comment about regarding declining gap between visitor and residents when our identities are dichotomised in that way. The quadrants created by the professional vs. private dichotomy seem to make more sense.

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