Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies

Who in the teaching community has not heard of the theory of “digital natives” and “digital immigrants”, as proposed by Marc Prensky (2001)? Personally, I must admit that I had not read the original essay by Prensky. I had come into contact with Prensky’s concepts, however, especially that of digital natives, as his ideas had … Continue reading Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies


Digital literacies

This topic has been interesting and I can relate to it as I have had a similar topic for my first-year students. We have during that topic looked at the student’s digital literacy as well as their digital footprint. When listening to the Webinar with David White I started thinking about the age implication. I […]

First Tweetchat of #ONL221 tomorrow, Tuesday March 22, with David White

Hi there! Here just a short reminder about tomorrow’s Tweetchat with David White and Jörg Pareigis. The event will start on 13:00 CET (check your timezone) and will be a continuation of the discussions from last week’s webinar about Digital literacy. This will be the first (and potentially only) Tweetchat of #ONL221 so do not […]


Responding to new digital literacy challenges

My journey in the digital age has undergone an interesting transformation, shaped by the technological developments. With the omnipresence of digital technology, we are digitally involved in everything we do. The connected world we live in brings many benefits and we want to embrace all these benefits without the risks of course. The good news […]


#ONL212 Digital Literacies

I am glad to participate in the second course of Open Networked Learning ( ) in 2021 (#ONL212). The community includes all the participants from all over the world. I have chances to discuss with colleagues and friends from Sweden, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, etc. We apply the FISH (i.e., Focus, Investigate, SHare) […]

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