Blogcilitators post on online participation and digital literacies

Here is our first blogpost for the blogcilitator blog, compiled by Alexandra Wirth and Kiruthika Ragupathi. Our approach is to scan through the posts made by ONL192 participants to pick out interesting ideas and themes. We hope to provide you with a quick snapshot by weaving in your (ONL participants) thoughts and reflections for each […]


Online participation and digital literacies

This image reflects my feelings about online participation and the visitor-resident continuum. Either it is the scariest thing I have done: leaving a perfectly good aeroplane, safe and secure, to experience the rush and exhilaration of open online participation. Or it is an exciting journey into the open wide world with no safety net! As […]


Reflections of week 1

Concluding all the discussions and reflections our group engaged in during the first topic on online participation and digital literacies would result in a short novel. Therefore, I have decided to only reflect upon the categorization of individuals in visitors/residents, or even natives/immigrants. In our group we discussed and reflected that labeling is in this … Continue reading Reflections of week 1

Digital Visitor or Just Silent?

During the OpenNetworkedLearning course we have been examining the continuum between the digital visitors and residents supplemented by the continuum of personal versus institutional use of different technologies. In this text I will take a look at one of the most commonly discussed aspects: social media platforms. My impression is that some of the leading motivations … Continue reading Digital Visitor or Just Silent?

Online participation

My first time to use internet can be dated back to 1999. At that time I first got an email account and sent emails to my pen-friends in the US. Slowly I learned to use internet to look for information and other social media. I was very keen om learning new staff online until about […]


Exploring Digital Literacy

Topic 1 focused on digital literacy. I am still trying to figure out how this blog is supposed to work, and connectivity can be problematic at times. But I hope that I am moving in the right direction. Navigating digital platforms is something that takes time to master properly. Working full time does not allow […]


Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies (ONL192)

Reflections on digital literacy During these 2 weeks I have learnt a lot about digital literacy. Yes, what is it? :-). In our group we decided to dig a bit deeper with respect to i) the student and teacher perspective, e.g. how to get all students onboard given different initial capacities? and to ii) the … Continue reading Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies (ONL192)

My digital journey: past, present and future

My fellow teachers have often asked me why I am so keen on designing and teaching online courses. To me it’s about flexibility, access, inclusion and 21st century working life skills. After all, digitalization is what allowed me to complete my master’s degree fully online while having a full time lecturer position at the university, […]