Topic 3 #onl

This topic was all about online collaboration. We discussed our personal experience in the group, our challenges, frustration and enjoyment. On a personal level, having missed two meetings I found myself somewhat confused. Frustration and confusion are some of the contributing factors to online learning and collaborative learning.

My focus for this topic was to acquire knowledge on digital tools and engage in online learning. To collaborate in a group “online” setting so as to prepare myself to support my students when engaging with them.

It is important to have pre-course strategy so as to prepare your students and inform them of what is to be expected. The Garrison model speaks of the “Educational Experience” – by setting the climate, selecting content and regulating learning as well as supporting discourse.

In his paper he discusses “the community of inquiry model to describe the principles of collaboration. The principles describe social and cognitive presence issues associated with the three functions of teaching presence—design, facilitation and direction. Guidelines are discussed for each of the principles.” D.R Garrison, Online Collaboration Principles.

At the end of this topic, PBL group 6 achieved great collaboration and was enjoyed by all.

Collaborative learning