As I reflect on my ONL journey. The past 3 months have been exciting, somewhat frustrating when technology fails, but overall a great learning experience. My experience with PBL Group 6 was interesting, fun and we definitely made a great team! What I have learnt on ONL: Not only to contribute, but to collaborate effectively … Continue reading Reflection


Increase in Blended Learning

#ONL – Topic 4 South Africa is moving towards the fourth industrial revolution. Higher Education Institutions have increased their offerings to online or blended learning courses. Blended learning has been a more softer approach to the immigration from historical face-to-face courses and re-designed to be offered online. Why the blended approach? The purpose of online … Continue reading Increase in Blended Learning


Collaborative learning

Topic 3 #onl This topic was all about online collaboration. We discussed our personal experience in the group, our challenges, frustration and enjoyment. On a personal level, having missed two meetings I found myself somewhat confused. Frustration and confusion are some of the contributing factors to online learning and collaborative learning. My focus for this … Continue reading Collaborative learning


Education is Sharing

Topic 2#ONL – Open Learning – Sharing and Openness. Clearly the internet has allowed us connectivity around the globe. We are able to communicate and share more than ever before. Our weekly Zoom meetings gives us the opportunity to contribute and collaborate on our Topics. Working in groups synchronously and asynchronously online may as well … Continue reading Education is Sharing

A beginners blog

Feeling excited! sharing my first blog post and looking forward to an amazing learning experience with ONL191. Challenges create a platform for learning, gaining experiences, breaking fears and especially self-development.