As I reflect on my ONL journey. The past 3 months have been exciting, somewhat frustrating when technology fails, but overall a great learning experience. My experience with PBL Group 6 was interesting, fun and we definitely made a great team!

What I have learnt on ONL:

  • Not only to contribute, but to collaborate effectively as a team
  • New tools can be a challenge, but loads of fun
  • Researched topics like I have never done before, which in turn broadened my knowledge on new technologies

How will my learning influence my practice as an educator on e-learning?

  • I hope to improve the faculty’s digital literacy.
  • Obtain instructional design expertise.
  • Encourage student communication, contribution, collaboration, reflection and assessment.

I look forward to using my new knowledge and skills with the use of prezi and padlet. I love that there is more than “just powerpoint”. As well as the use of zoom for short video clips which can be useful for student instructions. The e-learning platform which my Institution will be using is feature rich which allows for group forums, tutor feedback, media file uploads, quizzes etc. These tools when monitored and used correctly will enhance effective and efficient learning.

The challenge that I foresee will be to entice students to explore the online learning option who are in the habit of learning from the textbook and are afraid of technology due to lack of knowledge or just not willing to embrace the digital era.

I look forward to maintaining relationships with my group members. We hope to have a monthly zoom meeting to keep abreast of how our knowledge gained on this course has assisted us in our own Institutions or on a personal level. We also would like to provide new information in technology and support to each other. We are from 6 different countries, but the world is a small place and we may even meet face-to-face someday. A big THANK YOU to all my group members, you have been superb and a special thanks to Kiru our awesome facilitator!

Take care and all the best for the next iteration ONL192!