Topic 2#ONL – Open Learning – Sharing and Openness.

Clearly the internet has allowed us connectivity around the globe. We are able to communicate and share more than ever before. Our weekly Zoom meetings gives us the opportunity to contribute and collaborate on our Topics. Working in groups synchronously and asynchronously online may as well be more effective than having face-to-face meetings when you know that you have limited time and deadlines are set. It requires discipline and motivation.

Digital Literacy Framework By Beetham and Sharpe (2010) (2010)

Synchronous and asynchronous interactive online participation

“This framework may be used in many ways, for example to motivate us to try new possibilities and tools that ICT (Information and Communications technology) has to offer us. It may be useful for mapping the literacy levels of students that may be needed for certain areas of studies and to help them to expand their digital literacies to be successful with their studies.”

Whilst busy with Topic 2, I was experiencing load shedding in South Africa. No electricity for hours on end, as well as cables being stolen. A true nightmare when all your work depends on electricity and wifi.

Still catching up!!!

Education is Sharing