,MOOCs have been around for a long time, and the ,numbers seem to keep increasing. MOOCs are courses that are Massive, delivered asynchronously, Open-access (read: free) and Online. If you are new to this, check out this overview of “What is a MOOC?” by Dave Cormier, one of the pioneers behind the first MOOCs.

I found it convenient to pop in and out of MOOCs to get what I need and leave. What’s not to love about MOOCs? However, it was also a very transactional process, where I never developed any bond with other course mates or instructors. It felt lonely.

Enrollment for MOOCs can go from hundreds to even thousands. Hence, this particular Learning to Learn Online (,LTLO) 2022, offering is a comparatively small MOOC due to its enrollment of slightly less than a hundred. Maybe the publicity went out too late? I was fortunate to learn about it from my colleague (Alan) as he was already working with course instructor Dr Cleveland-Innes on another project.

A small MOOC can be a glass half-empty or half-full. It’s entirely your own perspective. I found that a small MOOC has many benefits over a large MOOC, which I took full advantage of, by having closer interactions with my course mates and facilitators. Previously I joined some really massive ones like the famous ,Machine Learning MOOC offered by Stanford University. As popular as this MOOC is (probably top 5 enrollment among all MOOCs), it was not as enjoyable as LTLO. So, it’s no surprise that I did not complete that Machine Learning MOOC. On the other hand, here is my LTLO completion certificate 🙂

Here's my LTLO cert... where's yours? :p

Personally, I felt that LTLO ,did many things right. Nonetheless, I expect Dr Marti, Dan, Stacey, Angelo & Caren to minor tweaks LTLO based on participants feedback. Their passion for pushing quality teaching and learning is evident and inspirational. I just hope they don’t mess with their ,secret sauce!

At our ,last LIVE session, I was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was so satisfied with completing this MOOC properly. I was a good learner (shameless plug) who did all the prerequisite readings, passed the quizzes, submitted the learning portfolio and was quite active in the forums. At the same time, I was sad that my LTLO course was coming to an end. Due to time zone differences, the LIVE sessions were usually held quite late, around 11pm local time (SG). Nonetheless, I looked forward to them each week.

Bitter sweet moment: LTLO last LIVE session together.

If you haven’t yet tried a MOOC, maybe ,it’s time you should. Prior to LTLO, my experience with MOOCs was not so satisfying. But you can start off on the right foot by trying out LTLO. The course lets you experience an online course properly designed using the ,COI framework, challenges you to reflect on your learning preferences and promotes self-directed learning.

It’s as good a starting point as any in helping you be more effective in your online learning journey. Happy Learning!

Benedict Chia

15 Oct 2022

Completed LTLO (2022) MOOC!