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man in red crew neck sweatshirt photography
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e recently been approached to be part of local success stories. This caught me by surprise as I didn’t think of myself worthy enough to feature if I must be completely honest. I have a tendency for undermining myself and then after a good self pep talk I realize that I am not that bad. I think we all do this to ourselves from time to time.

This got me thinking about what does success really mean? Our usual idea often relates to status, titles and materialistic value. As I would agree this is some form of success as it’s often achieved through hard work and sacrifice even though not many people with these achievements would identify themselves as successful.

Perhaps we never feel the moment of success for long. There were times I felt I’m winning and that I am succeeding but shortly after that, it would just become a new norm and a new hunger would arise. When we have that thirst and chase of something we find meaningful we often don’t see ourselves as a success up until our desires are obtained.

Success to me these days come in a feeling of harmony between the different aspects of my life. Whether it’s in my relationships, career, finance, parenting, health or education. To be able to juggle and balance these aspects on most days is my ideal success story. There are days I completely fail but I think more than usual I’m winning even when I don’t feel like it. We are too critical to even see our success.

Perhaps the ultimate success story is being able to identify how blessed and how good we have it and to take it all in and feel our abundance.

I will start by taking my own advise on this.

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