Have you ever found yourself having specific ideas about how your life should be, and setting up goals which you so badly wish to accomplish – but somehow you just don’t seem to get there?

Of course you have. We all have. Including me.

Whether we are held back by a lack of motivation or just by life events that throw bumps and hurdles in our path, a slow start does not mean that we should lose hope and settle for mediocrity. Instead, try the following tips I can personally say that they help.


  1. Set small goals to get you into the habit.

Have you been putting off that date with your wardrobe to clear out old clutter? Set a date and just do it. You will feel great for accomplishing something that probably took you less energy doing than thinking about doing. Now perhaps sorting out your closet is not anywhere close to completing your degree or getting up the courage to make that first deposit towards owning your own home – but it is all about starting small and working your way from there.

  1. Make a list of what you want.

I am probably guilty of the death of many trees, as I make a list for everything. Yup, even for washing my hair. If you are thinking of being ecofriendly for this task then forget about it; because forgetting about it is probably what will happen if you store your list of “Goals” on your device. Rather set your list up in a place where you are forced to see it every day. Such as your mirror. Add pictures if you like and read it out loud. Sing it if you must. The wackier you sound, the better.

  1. Don’t over-complicate it, just do it.

I am no brand ambassador for Nike, but they had an awesome concept with the “Just do it” logo. We have become a world of over-thinkers with not enough doers. If you want it, then go and get it. It is that simple. The trouble with over-thinking is that something becomes problem based rather than solution based, and all you see is why you shouldn’t do it. Please don’t misunderstand me: I am not saying that you should buy a Lamborghini if it is your desired goal, unless of course you have the bank balance! But as the famous rapper and actor Ice T once said, “You Think Long, You Think Wrong”.

  1. Analyze your goals.

Often, we think we want something but realize later that we don’t. I have friends who studied for years in a field only to find that once they were in that profession it was not exactly what they wanted, and they ended up feeling unhappy with their choices. Get a clear understanding of why you want what you want. The reasons why we choose our goals are often more important that the actual goals. For example, many doctors will say that they chose their field because “I wanted to help people”. But being a doctor is obviously not the only way of helping people. So, should you ever find yourself stuck or unable to fulfill your ideal goal, remember why you wanted it in the first place. Then adjust your goal to enable you to fulfil your desire in a different way.

  1. Celebrate your accomplishments.

Goals and achievements have little meaning if we do not celebrate them. This does not mean that every time you unpack your closet you should go on a shopping spree to re-clutter it or binge on junk food when you have lost weight. Do something meaningful and special to celebrate. Celebrate all your successes, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Go out on a date with your partner to celebrate your achievements. Gift yourself a small diary book. Make a list of things you want to do or buy, and match each item to your goals. This can be as simple as having a long soak in the bath to unwind after spring cleaning your entire place home.


Life is beautiful and meaningful with the experiences we go through. There are no limitations to when and what we can and should do to make ourselves happy.

The ultimate goal after all is to be happy.