Salomons five stage model is interesting for this topic. The model starts with access and motivation. On my university we are using Canvas course platform. I have students after teen weeks so they know how to get access to the platform. But I can see a relation between my organisation on the platform and students questions. Better organisation create fewer questions from students and I can focus on course material instead. I think my access within the platform is rather good because of my organisation. But I´m insecure about the motivation factor. I know many students think it is a lot of information and the don´t know were to start. Of course I have my learning outcomes that students have to achieve in the end of the course. Maybe a smother introduction to my course can lead to a higher average speed thru my course? Salomons second stage is about interaction and socialization. A smother and interesting introduction can probably shorten second stage. Third step is about information exchange when students start to share relevant information and form co operation. I have around 100 students in some classes and a problem is to deal with low entry knowledge students. They are left behind from the beginning and everything takes more time. When I have lectures, seminars and so on I have around 50 to 80 percents participants. I did a small research a couple of years ago. Students participated in every occasion in the course had a lot better degree in the end of the course. Of course I showed it for students a couple of years but it didn´t change participation much. Fourth stage is about knowledge construction when the discussions become more collaborative. My experience is that some students create their knowledge from the collaboration and can explain for other students, while some students are still in the chaotic phase. Fifth phase is about development when students can integrate their knew knowledge into different situations. Today I had a case seminar for nursing students in the were end of their education. In this case seminar you have to use knowledge from all previous medical courses. Some students have really developed their thoughts about medical problems and from me it was really inspiring.

Happy ending.

City university London. (2016).