Final countdown

It is time to summarize this course. What do I learnt during last three months? I have start blogging for the first time ever, and find it enjoyable if I have time for reflection. Right know I´m listing to the Swedish rock band Eldkvarns brilliant interpretation of Cornelius Vreeswijks ”somliga går med trasiga skor” andFortsätt läsa “Final countdown”

Topic two

This topic is about sharing and openness. I start with the easiest part sharing. David Wiley talked about sharing is essential in teatching and I totally agree. I have no problems to share my thoughts about the subjects I teatch. I share my coursematerial to my colleuges when the ask me. Sometimes I get unsecureFortsätt läsa “Topic two”

Topic One Onl201

The topic was about online participation and digital literacies. In our group we tried to defined digital literacies as a concept and found that it was not easy. But we summerized it as ”the knowledge and skills to participate in essential ICT used activites”. We also talked about next level, digital competens when you useFortsätt läsa “Topic One Onl201”

Reflection week

In the ONL course I,m participating in I have to do some work this week. I have to sumerize topic one, two and start commet others bloggs. It has been a couple of quite hectic weeks with this course and making my ordinary job digital becouse of the Corona virus. One positive side about thisFortsätt läsa “Reflection week”