This topic is about sharing and openness.

I start with the easiest part sharing. David Wiley talked about sharing is essential in teatching and I totally agree. I have no problems to share my thoughts about the subjects I teatch. I share my coursematerial to my colleuges when the ask me. Sometimes I get unsecure about the copyright and that can stop me to share coursematerials to students. Some teatchers have their own youtube chanel as a way of sharing. I have thougt about doing this. Sometimes I feel a bit bipolar. I know I have to start somewhere but if the channel is not good noone will see it. Technical aspects stops me too. If you can’t visulize your youtube channel in a good way you are end of story.

Openness is bit trickier. I think you have to see openness as not binar. You have different degree of openness. In the industrial countries internetaccess is not an issue anymore but it is in developing countries. I have no problems if anyone else than my students listen to my lectures. A collegue of mine have an internet troll experience a couple of weeks ago and that seemed to be a quite shoocking experience. Today I can have around 100 students in some courses and it is a challange with diffrent levels of knowledge among students. With free access it is going to be even more challeging to handle.

Maybe the higher education is bipolar too? We have some very advanced research on the Other hand some education is just tradition.

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