The topic was about online participation and digital literacies.

In our group we tried to defined digital literacies as a concept and found that it was not easy. But we summerized it as ”the knowledge and skills to participate in essential ICT used activites”. We also talked about next level, digital competens when you use ICT competently in different ICT enviroments.

Online participation discussion were from a supportive perspective. We discussed from a teatcher student point of view. But I think you have to start with a good cirrucilum. That means all teatchers know were to start for helping students. After that you can start doing checklists for easier access, motivate students and so on.The cofacilitators Raheel, Karin and Charlotta wrote an intressting blogg that can summerize this topic. ”The digital space might get information fast but learning still take time ”.

Strange it was easier to edit this text when it was publiced.

Topic One Onl201