It took me some time to get into this Blog – or better to say, to set it up.

I used to have a blog many years ago, at that time it was via, which was really easy to set up and you were directly into blogging. This time it took me quite a time to get into WordPress and to understand the way this platform works …. oufff, that was hard work! So this made me of course as well think about the Topic 1 of this two weeks, which confronts us all with our digital past – how did I come to all this „computer  digital stuff“, how did I learn all that … and there my answer to my own questions is: self-taught, yeah … had to dig into for my studies, for my research and learn a lot by myself or ask friends or others (like the community blogs of different topics nowadays); but mainly it was by myself. Coming back to about was discussed via youtube: new terms which will replace „Digital Natives“ and „Digital Immigrants“, I have to admit that I knew both but never really used them or was „touched“ by them. The first one I can understand but the second one, doesn’t really give me an association of who could be a „Digital Immigrant“. And this doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the word and its meaning in general, I don’t think it’s appropriate – and if we really need words explain our „digital background“ then I have to say that the two new terms, are much more cohereant and evoque to me: in the flow, everybod and nobody, open minded … it’s better.

Digital Literacy