Dear readers,

we all started the ONL201 -course with high hopes and expectations that something new would be coming. Well, this really happened. But most probably not in the way that we expected. The corona has changed our lives, maybe for more than we can see at the moment.

Older Finnish people who can still remember the sad and terrible times of our last wars have said that even during those days there was not such a silence in the streets of Helsinki than we can hear, or not hear, today.

I have perceived the first weeks a of this course and the work with Topic 1 as quite stress-producing. That is mainly due to the fact that I was not able to attend to the first week of the course and thus had quite a lot to catch up.

However, the group of ours (PBL 3) works extremely well and the people seem to be very kind and helpful. I wish to thank you all for your support. The outcome was nice and even creative. Would never have been able to achieve such mode of presentation by myself.

N more this time but I will continue with the comments a bit more profoundly later.



First blog-text related to PBL Group 3 and Topic 1