Dear Leonida,
Thanks for an excellent blog, I follow you regard all aspect, though I wouldnät consider myself native, more the first step immigrant. But I am learing from your blog and I do enjoy your flow! Wishing you good luck in your further endeavors!
Best wishes, Vanja

Leonidas's blog

Open Networked Learning (ONL) just started and the first topic is about online participation and digital literacies and we already got an excellent introduction to new concepts about digital citizens and the levels of engagements and exposure of someone in an online environment, thus the distinguish between resident and visitor (http://daveowhite.com/vandr/). Prensky, distinguishing individuals that are born during the digital age and individuals that were immerged in the digital world later on in their lives, proposed the term of digital natives and digital immigrants several years ago (Prensky, 2001). Independently on whether someone is a resident or visitor, a native or immigrant, digital world is becoming a significant part of our lives that could offer significant opportunities. This has led to the definition of ‘digital citizenship’ which is defines as ‘the norms of appropriate responsible behavior with regard to technology use’ (Ribble and Bailey, 2007; Isma and Canan Gungoren…

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Topic 1: Online Participation & Digital Literacies