Welcome to my blog. This is Andi Sudjana Putra, a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering, NUS. You can call me Andi. I am also a resident fellow in PGP House. I teach design for more than 10 years now. In the education space, I’d like to study project-based learning. It is close to what I am doing in the design space.

I signed up to Open Networked Learning (ONL) to join a learning community where I can learn and share best practices of teaching to one another. Although I have specific interest in project-based learning, I am open to learning about other aspects in education. They are most likely will find application in project-based learning.

At the end of ONL, I look forward to having a concrete plan to improve my teaching. Teaching nowadays has been so much more than standing in front of the class to deliver knowledge. As such, I hope I can formulate effective teaching strategy by participating in ONL.