Technologies for learning processes – useful or not?

A very interesting topic indeed and as well, indeed, loads of possible technologies, tools and/or apps, which can take us away in loads of time investigating in the access and use of it. In all this flow and movement of multitude of possibilities nowadays I do have unfortunately to start with a frustrated moment, which I had long time ago and which reminds back of the starts of Apple and Microsoft Tools which weren’t able to work properly on either systems and nor were possible to synchronize. After this long ago period of time of not only positive remembering experiences (because as well spending hours and days of getting through trying to have a system working with different applications and programs which wasn’t always that easy and efficient) , I came across again these kind “of frustrations” within an exchange and exercise within Topic 3 with my group. We tried to us which looked and sounded interesting to me and I was ready to work with it. So let’s put it that way, my thoughts and intention were positiv.

So I tried to log me in, working as well on iPad /iMac (as a Mac person), and realized very soon that I don’t have any access to editing mode or putting my self new topics. Trying all possible ways, inclusive changing different browsers even changing on a windows computer, I couldn’t definitely not access to work properly on this application. We shared this in our group and everybody was very supportive and helpful (as information, I was the only one having these troubles !), but still there was no successful solution to my problem. Last Friday night I stopped all the try outs and gave it up – this really in a frustrated mood and where my remembrances of past time really came quickly up where Apple and Windows couldn’t share applications or if the did, they hardly worked properly.

Although we went very far with digital technologies I still believe that to rely on these technologies and not being possible, sometimes, to access properly an application can also happen in classrooms and bring up frustrations. Which I can completely understand and therefore I’m still very happy to know how to teach and have a “tool box” which doesn’t rely on any technologies but which is very important for the students to learn how they can exchange, having round tables with debates, talk to each other physically and going out with them observing the nature – for this skills I’m so happy and I try to share this passion with my students.

To end up my blog positively towards technologies and digitalisation, I can only say that I like very much OneNote as complete tool for many tasks, sharing (with other collaborators and students), archive, implementing and exporting etc.. which works on Apple and Windows properly (no problems with synchronisation) and which I can use on any devices without having troubles.

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