Since the beginning of the ONL202, I have been quite amused with the content of the online course. It is not really heavy material to work with, however if you are not from an educationist (or educationalist – I don’t know which one is a better term) at the beginning you might be a little overwhelmed.

At first lectures “digital literacy” and “open network-sharing and openness” were not really hard to catch.  

I learnt a lot from digital literacy session , was I really digitally literate? Was I a second generation? Or was I native? I consider myself as “a native” of digital world. Later we discussed about that the knowledge should be shared and should be accessed by everyone but what the limitations and borders are. This was very interesting topic and the answers differs a lot where based on where you live.

The third session was about leaning in communities. This was an interesting one for me because I learn a lot from my digital communities on especially facebook and linkedin, sometimes from twitter. I never thought about those platforms as an open learning sources, but they are for me! I follow many scientific journals and I get the punchlines and latest scientific news from those journals’ newsfeeds. Now I now they are my learning platforms! Cool!

Latest session was about blended learning which was soooo difficult to grasp at the end because of the pedagogical terminologies. If you have never come across those terminologies before and I think it is difficult to understand.  I think, for later course design, it would be better to  define those terminologies on the website in glossary or something. Or maybe for each session terminology can be outlined at first. Because I am not a native speaker, and I have been with many people with different cultural backround, and sometimes I just was not sure whether the it was an expression of the course designer? Or was it a terminology? Sometimes different words used in English in different cultures and in different areas. For instance: in Boston plastic shopping bags are called as just plastic bag, but in Lincoln it is called as sac. I learnt the subway as an underground however it is purely British and when I moved to Boston, I asked people where the underground is people looked at me weirdly. I am pretty sure they thought that I was a drug addict 😀 Anyhow, I hope I could explain myself here.

Even though I got pretty dizzy during the coursework I learnt a lot but I think the time spent for the course is a lot. I would love to have an option to have a shortened version. However I really enjoyed my group friends, we had a really nice PBL group and I am going to miss them.

Hope to meet you somewhere someday somehow

Cheers everyone