I’m mostly a visitor online, according to David White definition, and I’m not very presence online, expect things I have to do in work such as using e-mail, online teaching and meetings and our learning platform. I don’t post on social medias on daily basis, and then only for my friends, not public. I keep my professional and private online life strictly apart from each other, and I’ve not wanted or seen the purpose of mixing those two. During the last weeks, thanks to ONL, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and wondering why it is so and if I like to chance it.

My professional career has, before teaching, been in social works as administrator and leader in elderly care. It’s quite common, at least in Sweden, that people working in social care are exposed for threat or violence in their profession. It’s not either rare that clients contacts social workers through social medias, private messages och telephone outside working hours. As a leader I didn’t for example accept friend request on Facebook from my employees – not for that I thought they would talk about work in Facebook, but mostly to protect my privacy.

I think that still affects how I think about my online presence and that I find it inconvenient use my social media in work as teacher or communicate with the students for example by using WhatsApp, Twitter och Messenger, those are part of my private life. Recently I have had a group in WhatsApp with few students and it has worked great, so maybe I’ll chance my point of view slowly 😊

What still makes me hesitate is my considering that work and private life flows together and the borders will disappear. In Sweden we have plenty of people with sickness claims due stress and mental illness, caused by work. One of the risk factors is boundless work – we are reachable all the time, we work at home offices and there’s no longer clear borders between work and free time. How can I manage to handle this?

I’ve found out so many new online tools and programs during these two weeks so I definitely need, and want! to develop my digital literacies – there’s a hole new world with digital tools and possibilities out there!

My online presence and digital literacies