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We hope you have enjoyed the ONL experience and have discovered new ideas, methods and tools that you can use in your own teaching and learning. We also hope you have expanded your professional network and that some of you will continue to collaborate in the future. The aim of ONL is to introduce you to the world of open networked learning but the real work starts afterwards as you begin to explore the themes and concepts in more detail.

Many of you are still busy finishing your final blog posts. When you’re finished please remember to complete the Activity Tracker. Once we see that you have completed the course we will review your work and you will receive course certificates over the coming weeks. Those who belong to one of the participating institutions will get a certificate from your institution whilst open learners will get an open learner certificate.

ONL will take a break for the first time since we started back in 2014 and there will be no course in the first half of 2018. Instead we will return in September 2018 with ONL181. Very soon we will add a page with more information about ONL181.

Good luck and please keep in touch!

ONL172 has come to an end, but the adventure continues

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