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For topic 2 of the Open Network Learning, our topic was openness and sharing. At first, I didn’t think that this topic would led to much reflection as it did. However, I have reflected intesively over the terminology and what it means for us as educators and for students.

As a teacher myself, I always searched for materials online before creating a project or if I needed more material for enhancement or remediation. It’s not a shock that I searched intesively for materials that were free, why pay when you can have it for free. I never stopped to think about why other educators had materials out for others to download.

This topic has made me think about open resources. Why do educators share their work? Well the answer is simple, to help others in the name of learning. Some educators might use the resource completely as you created it or they might edit it to fit their students or course objectives.

In the same sense that someone shares material with others in the name of learning, people can share entire courses. This course has done exactly that! I am enrolled in Open Network Learning which is a free course and I have no connection with any university. However, this is course is just as demanding as if I did pay for it! We have literature to read, discussions to be had and colloborative learning to grow. I have worked in an amazing group, with people from around the world, developed myself and done it all for free. Yes, ALL FOR FREE!!!! That’s as good as it gets if you asked me!

I think what is most important to think about is what happens in the future. For my part, if/when I go back in the classroom, I want to be the teacher that shares with her students and with other educators. By helping other educators with my resources, I can help others learn more. And in true fashion, combining the knowledge I have from Topic 1 and Topic 2, I think the most fitting type of sharing will most likely happen in blog form!

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