People Learning Network, in this environment people are as amplifiers which they do reflect and echo information and knowledge. It reminds me so well-known networks which we have been used to it enormously. The most well known example of it which mostly all the world has been get familiar with it is Wikipedia!! Yes, Wikipedia is proof that openness and open sources can be enormously effective! The nature does its job and by so many people involving in that, at the end we can be much more close to the realistic information. For me obliviously more people involve in it more accurate result we can gain!!! It is mathematics 🙂 ❤

As an small example of it, its forums that people put their questions there and brain storming there to solve their problems. Well, I can remember so many times, myself has found my answer there! 🙂

The fact is that as much as we make more wider open area to learn, we achieve correcter results!!!

With hope that we get more open environment for more kinda Callie!

By PLN we gain infinitive computer over the world 🙂

PLN(People Learning Network)