This is the collaborative work of PBL Group 5 for Topic 2 Open Learning – Sharing and Openness.

We used a grounded approach to the FISh model by first talking about our personal journey towards “openness”. We expressed hesitations and worries but mostly, we shared optimism and zest to the wonders and promises of open learning. From the personal sharing we identified two initial focus. The first is what openness means to us as individuals and also as part of an institution. We further talked about negative aspects of openness and the empowering positive side of it. This led us to the second focus on the actual practices in our respective institutions as we tried to more concretely talk about our experiences with openness and sharing.

We used Coggle to help map our ideas and share them with our larger ONL 191 group. You can see in our output the four main branches which represent the main focus of our discussion and the smaller branches which represent the ‘investigation’ part.

As we continued to discuss and build on the concept map, two other practical branches came about. One branch provided additional resources while the other provided tips. True to topic 2, our (virtual) interactions were indeed insightful experiences of openness and sharing as we all journey together to a more open type of a learning environment.


Check out our work here

PBL 5’s collaborative journey to sharing and openness

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