Let me (please)… be the “opponent”

I do not buy it!…. 

You know, like the boy, in the “Emperor’s new clothes”. Have you read that book? All that “digitisation” does to us as “creatures” is not good… End of discussion!

Hand on the heart is not the biggest win-win (the actual blog, professionell interactions, according to literature?) To lift “some ghosts out of the closet”? Or maybe tell that there is no ghost?… sharing our own experiences, mixed with our; fears, academic emotions, and so on…

If the idea is to develop, and face our fears… Should I start to list “problems”, perhaps?
1 Technical support, it is difficult with the connection (audio, picture).
2 Language events, difficulties.
3 The time-zones.
4 Time and space. (asynchronous vs synchronous).
5 Academic emotions, we are ignorant of how to communicate here.
6 We come from such different areas, experiences etc. that the gap to overcome these (at the pedagogical learning-level) is it possible? Is it, in fact, the final product we are going to measure, or is it the actual journey? So, it’s not “fun” (and according to research, learning is often hard work) a rather painful process …? Look, at the big artists!

Sorry, I am a really “novice blogger”. First time! The ONL-blogg, for “fun”? NO – rather it´s a painful process, “the actual learning” …… Learning, to design digital clothes, perhaps?

This is a journey through learning by failure, and according to some research “The Growth Mindset” “The Power of Believing That You Can Improve” (Duckworth, 2013). Academic emotions are emotions related to the student experience. Studies confirming emotions as a critical component of the learning process eg. see Stefan Hrastinskis (2013; 2016) and Cleveland-Innes research online-learning (2016).

//H ONL 2019


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