Dear friends,

The first week of the course has passed and yesterday (Sunday) the Google+ community counted 82 members, most of whom have introduced themselves and started to connect to course mates. It’s so nice to get faces to names and hear some of what you are all about!

We hope you have made good use of the past week to find your way around the learning environment, and have ticked off the different items on the checklists! This week the PBL groups will be forming and start to work. Those of you who have signed up for working in a group will get information about which group you have been assigned to and how to join. The facilitator for the group will set up a first online meeting during the week so you can hopefully all meet and start discussing how the group will work.

In our timeline we have reached the second week of Topic 1
Please see the timeline below



If you are aiming for a certificate (check participate modes and requirements) you should have written your first blog post by the end of this topic. If you are part of a PBL-group you should for this topic be active in discussions and participate in the collaborative work.

Best wishes
The ONL team


Second week – initiation of PBL-groups

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