Dear all,

The first, confusing weeks of the course safely behind us, we hope you are starting to feel at home in this new environment! Certainly blogging seems to be off to an unusually good start – with commenting and discussions as an enjoyable spin-off.

By now most participants in PBL groups have been in their first meetings – hope all that has worked out well and you feel fortified! Presentations of the groups have not yet started popping up on the main G+ community – hoping to see them the next few days.

This is the week for proper work on the scenario for topic 1. We hope you are eager to dig in and get your hands dirty!

In our timeline we have reached the third week of Topic 1
Please see the timeline below



If you are aiming for a certificate (check participate modes and requirements) you should have written your first blog post by the end of this topic. If you are part of a PBL-group you should for this topic be active in discussions and participate in the collaborative work.

Wish you all a great week!
The course team

Final week of topic 1

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