As I played around with NUS Mediaweb earlier this week, I pondered what would be a proper way to evaluate this software?

With new software appearing ever so often, how do we compare all with a common yardstick?

A quick google search found ,jotform already having templates with some nice guidelines. As I went through the criteria, it made me more aware of the nuances of what each software can and should offer.

So, I adapted from it to create my own software evaluation form. This simple template (see below) now gives me a common baseline as I explore and evaluate other software that could be useful to vendors / faculty members / students whom I get to work with on BL 2.0 initiative.

Feel free to reference, use/edit as you wish. Sharing is caring!

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Benedict Chia

02 July 2022

(60 day progress check: this post would be my 4th blog post since going weekly)

Software Evaluation Checklist